Somewhere in Between


being somewhere-in-beetween is not comfortable at all.
you’ve been tick-tock-ing if i can say, and still stuck in the middle of them, and cannot get out.

what did i say actually?

well it happened many times in my life.
between my ex-h*** and his-newly-soon-to-be-his-wife.
between my boss and the other bosses.
between denok and kakak.
between life and (dont know when) death (will comes).
between my friends and his ex.

and today, being in a tele-conference on something i dont-completely understand.

okay, here comes the sad story,

they talking abt something technical, and i hv to write everything they talk abt.
i almost cry when they ask me ‘asti, are you still there?’ and all i can say only “hu-um, ok, noted, understand”

well i dont say ‘understand’ as much as i say ‘noted’ actually. haha!

than after the conference call over, i have to see again what i really wrote during that telecon, and gathering all the information, searching, and yet asking to people who understand it more, in Bahasa!

so thats it!

i learned alot, and i’m not a quitter. so i learned again, and again.
but somehow, i feel this un-comfortable feeling of being somewhere in between.



must try in Surabaya!

Lontong Balap Pak Gendut.
Jl. Prof dr. Moestopo (dulu kranggan)

enduuuulss πŸ‘ŒπŸ» – at Lontong Balap Pak Gendut

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Lowongan Dokter Umum dan Gigi Perusahaan Sugar Group Companies

Lowongan Dokter Umum dan Gigi Perusahaan Sugar Group Companies – Sugar Group Companies adalah perusahaan perkebunan dan pabrik gula di Lampung, mengajak Anda untuk bergabung bersama perusahaan kami guna menempati posisi sebagai:

Dokter Umum dan Gigi Perusahaan

– Dokter Umum (3 orang) dan Dokter Gigi (3 orang)
– Usia maksimal 35 tahun
– IPK minimal 3.00
– Berpengalaman kerja sebagai dokter umum/gigi minimal 1 tahun
– Bersedia bekerja full time dan tinggal di site (tempat akan disediakan oleh perusahaan)
– Tersedia gaji yang menarik

Kelengkapan berkas lamaran:
1. Surat lamaran
2. Pas foto ukuran 4Γ—6 cm sebanyak 2 lembar
3. Foto copy KTP
4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
5. Foto copy Ijazah dan transkrip nilai yang sudah dilegalisir
6. Foto copy uji kompetensi nasional yang dilegalisir
7. Foto copy surat tanda registrasi (STR) yang sudah dilegalisir

Tata cara pendaftaran:
Untuk berkas lamaran dan informasi lain mengenai gaji dan fasilitas yang akan didapatkan, silakan menghubungi via email:
(Subject: Dokter Umum/Gigi_Nama)

Batas akhir pendaftaran adalah tanggal 30 Mei 2015 dan untuk waktu dan tempat test akan diinformasikan kemudian.

Source: Ditulis ulang dari Tribun Lampung, 20 April 2015

I dont know what I did in my previous life to deserve you as my daughter in this life time.. whatever it was, it must be incredible it had to end up with an incredible daughter like you, princess.. πŸ’‹

daughters are sweet but you’re the sweetest.
daughters are kind but you’re the kindest.
daughters are lovely but you’re the loveliest.
daughters have “happy birthdays” may yours be the happiest!

barakallahu fii umrik Zahra Mahdiyya.. πŸ™

On your birthday, remember: Mother daughters go together like donuts and holes. Like cupcakes and sprinkles. Like hotdogs and mustard. Hey, are you getting hungry? 😁

I love you to everywhere and back Denok! 😘😍

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even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all!

akhirnya minum kopi lagii ^^

beberapa waktu yang lalu memang sempet bikin janji buat gak ngopi lagi:mrgreen: dan berjanjilah sesuatu yang bisa kamu tepati!

ah akuuu gak bisa jauh jauh dari kopii.. jadilah saya berjanji untuk tidak berjanji pada sesuatu yang tidak dapat saya tepati! *halah*


ahhh saya dan kopi memang tak terpisahkan!


beberapa kali saat bisa milih saya pasti milih minum kopi dimana atau kopi apa, tapi.. tidak selalu bisa begitu! yadaripada enggak ngopi mending kopi encer juga saya minum dehhh!


ah, mendadak kangen kopi talua di #KelanarasaMinang ini kopi enak!