Somewhere in Between


being somewhere-in-beetween is not comfortable at all.
you’ve been tick-tock-ing if i can say, and still stuck in the middle of them, and cannot get out.

what did i say actually?

well it happened many times in my life.
between my ex-h*** and his-newly-soon-to-be-his-wife.
between my boss and the other bosses.
between denok and kakak.
between life and (dont know when) death (will comes).
between my friends and his ex.

and today, being in a tele-conference on something i dont-completely understand.

okay, here comes the sad story,

they talking abt something technical, and i hv to write everything they talk abt.
i almost cry when they ask me ‘asti, are you still there?’ and all i can say only “hu-um, ok, noted, understand”

well i dont say ‘understand’ as much as i say ‘noted’ actually. haha!

than after the conference call over, i have to see again what i really wrote during that telecon, and gathering all the information, searching, and yet asking to people who understand it more, in Bahasa!

so thats it!

i learned alot, and i’m not a quitter. so i learned again, and again.
but somehow, i feel this un-comfortable feeling of being somewhere in between.




2 pemikiran pada “Somewhere in Between

    • maaf kalau komen anda kasar, menyudutkan atau memprovokasi, jelas akan di moderasi.

      saya tidak paham maksud dan tujuan anda, bila memang secara pribadi merasa punya masalah, lewat jalur pribadi lah..

      ngapain jauh jauh dari singapore komen dimari, tapi thanks btw, sudah menaikkan rating blog saya!

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