does ‘happy ending’ really exist?



you tot i’m gonna write such a massage parlours?! no way! 

and I’m not gonna write a fairytale. fyi. or another fiction story. nope!

This is a story abt a song that my kiddos love to sing, they say ‘happy ending song’ by marceline (?)

‘never heard abt it before’ 

just today, while sitting infront of tv with both of them are sleeping in the sofabed, suddenly this ‘adventure times’ play this song,

Run away, with me.

And the poltergeists and ghouls,

We can wander through the darkness and play by our own rules.

Run away, with me.

To a cavern shaped like home,

Where we’ll build our own forever,

and never dance alone…

okay, catchy, no wonder they’re mumbling on this song.

but the thing is, marceline, or marceiline or merselin, hih! i dont understand why she’s singing this song with that sad-and-ironic face?

is this mean that there is no such ‘happy ending’ things? think of it.. if happy ending is that what we’ve wanted, than why we are afraid of ending?

Is it quite ironic how we can hope for a Happy Ending when we’re actually afraid of Endings?

maybe endings doesn’t really matter as long as it ends happily, maybe.



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