The 101 of Attraction Marketing

I’ve been learning on doing marketing lately, kind of something I’m eager to learn, since my basic studies are law, so marketing things is not really something i learn seriously in my education-life.

anyway, I’ve joined Multi-Level-Marketing like thousand times, from MLM ‘A’ to MLM ‘Z’, so i tot i have learn a lot about this marketing-things by autodidact, than i just figure this new kind of Marketing, it called ‘Attraction Marketing’ by finding an aha-moment that:

The more you chase and trying to convince people, the more you push them away from you.

You should lean how to attract people to you *OK, in this part i know that i am quite attractive either* :mrgreen:

its call attraction marketing ~ the art of marketing without marketing. Lead with the value, give people the reason why they should work with you. You have to stand out the crowd. Learn to promote and brand YOURSELF, not your product and the company.

So what is attraction marketing anyway?

It is nothing new; traditional salespeople have been using this method since the sales industry began. We use it in our everyday life, it is simply, a way of communicating that is attractive to others, thus, resulting in sales, support, advice that’s needed, or whatever else we want.

Attraction marketing eliminates the once famous offline marketing effort of person-to-person advertising as well as cold calling.

Now, what 1st thing 1st on this kind of attraction marketing we should do?

Showing people that you are a valuable resource person. yes, true! trust me, it  will automatically attract them to join you.

People like to follow a leader who has proven and  gained results, which are the same results that she/he promises others to have. This goes to say that you must continuously seek for knowledge and skills that will further increase your value.

now, I’m challenging my self to increase my value by learning something new everyday, and to make it works, I’ll share everything i learned with you all guys. Spreads the good words.. 🙂

Fingers crossed everything goes well with this self challenge!





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