*WARNING: This is an awckward and not so-good-post-in-english entry so apologies in advance. :mrgreen:

When talking about BALANCE, usually there are alot of words come and pop up in my mind. Family, Career, Interest, Love Life, Community, Health, Financial, and many more.

Than an idea of me being awarded as the best mother on earth, the best wife, coming in one package with succes in financial and work life cross my mind!

WOW, sounds like a lot!

I know, but all things are possible. Because our lives are always changing, balance is not something to be achieved “just once” but something to always strive for.

When I decided to write this blogpost as I will be speaking on the topic of Balancing Work and Life but than everything keep coming in my mind, so there are more than just Work and Life.

Even as a Libra, which is Libra identic to the scale that signifies balance, it doesn’n mean that i could smoothly writing on this topic.

In the end, I only got an image of me being around doing like 20 to 30 things at the same time. and stuck on it.

So, What does Balance mean for YOU?